Demo 2017

by Reachout

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Demo 2017


released May 10, 2017



all rights reserved


REACHOUT Selangor, Malaysia

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Track Name: Reach Out
It does not take a new day
to make a brand new start
it only takes a deep desire
to try with all our heart
So never give up in despair
and think that you are through
for there's always a tomorrow
and the hope of starting new
Track Name: Resist
This is my own song,
I wrote in anger and discontent of fear
I will never be, the one that you said I might be
I swallow my word, and I let you free
The sound of pouring rain, i trap down with my own dream
Let it sink, let it faded and let it dim
I will never be, the one that I said I won’t be
My word will be my pride. I stand still and let you see
I let you go and set you free

I have to live with myself and so
I want to be fit for myself to know,
Always to look myself straight in the eye
I want to be able as days goes by

My melody and chords is such a simple thing,
Only my word will make you think
I’m always here to have a say,
Watch you frown and faded away

I’m always here to have a say,
Watch you frown and faded away
Track Name: Revolve
I've been hurt before, beaten down
I wasn't enough and been kicked around
my eyes filled with tears, heart fulls of lies
My heart was shot to pieces
and then you came into my life

You brought my smile back
made my days instantly better
We started off as friends
as innocent as can be

Little did we know
That it would soon be you and me
You'd take my hand
And you hold it tight

You'd look into my eyes
Smile with such grace
As you gently hold my hand

I place my arms around you
And hold on with such care
My walls I once had up
Slowly unveil what they dared not to bare

Your eyes are captivating
As they change color in the light
You always keep me company
Even if in the middle of the night